Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Resource on Cancer for Pet Owners

The School of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University has formed a new group called Partners in Animal Health, which is producing educational materials for veterinarians and for clients of veterinarians.

One of their early products is a DVD series called the Pet Owners Guide to Cancer and it features both cats and dogs with cancer. It's about 35 minutes all told, broken into eight "chapters" that include:

* Introduction
* What is Cancer?
* Why Do Pets Get Cancer?
* Early Detection
* Diagnosing Cancer
* Making Treatment Decisions
* Mandy's Chemotherapy
* Triton's Radiation Therapy

The series includes a thorough segment on what kind of behavior changes to watch for, and good demonstrations of how to regularly check your pet for lumps, bumps and swollen glands that might warrant a trip to the vet for further assessment.

The whole video series can be viewed here, and since the chapters are separate, can be seen in several sessions if you're not up for a full half-hour.

It's a terrible diagnosis to hear when you're at the vet's office with your beloved dog or cat, so now's a good time to watch the series, so that if that awful day comes, you'll be more prepared for decisions that must be made thoughtfully but quickly.

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  1. Sylive this was a great source of information! Cancer is always a scary issue when it comes to humans and animals. This really helped it make sense and even though I would hate to have to go through this...I now feel like I would not be in the dark. thanks! Anitra & Santana