Monday, February 23, 2009

Really, this isn't a commercial....

The other day I stumbled across a vein of gold on the web - a series of dog photographers whose blogs feature their photographs. I hope you'll enjoy visiting some of these as much as I am...There's really nothing that can lift my spirits quite as easily and fully as beautiful dogs, beautifully pictured. - Angie Wojciechowska in Vancouver B.C. seems to take all her pictures of dogs off leash, running, leaping, chasing, all doggie exuberance and life! Well, ok, except for Max, the Lhasa Apso, who seems to be mostly exuberant about his couch.

Not a blog, but the Cowbelly Pet Photography Team (there really must be a story in that name!) has a wonderful gallery website here:

Beth Andrews at Hound and Hoof Photography has a blog that right now is featuring a wonderful trio of Beagles, and then don't miss scrolling down to Bailey, the elder Golden, who just seems to shine!

The first thing you'll see today on Jaime Rowe's blog is actually parrots, but after you admire them a bit - they are quite dashing - do scroll down for some really lovely dogs as well. You'll find her work here:

For quite a while, Mia Clapton was blogging "A Dog A Day" project featuring pictures of dogs she's taken far and wide. Although she's taking a break for now from the project, she still has fabulous pictures up, which you can find here:

Finally, Macro Mutt, at, was created to help connect dog lovers with professional dog photographers in their area. They have a changing gallery of really beautiful dog pictures by the photographers in their directory.

Enjoy! I have ...


  1. Thank you so much for your comments! Max, the Lhasa Apso, was on the couch because it was raining!

  2. Thanks for visiting! Here's the story behind the name, 'Cowbelly':

    Wags! - Chris